Local Teacher VS Native Speaker

The native speaker teacher does have a big role in the development of conversational skill, it is because naturally, the students can learn how a word is pronounced, how to understand native speech and train listening in the right way. However, the lack of a native teacher is that it will be difficult to explain if students do not understand. Students are sometimes confused with what will be said if he forgot one of the vocabularies for example until the ends so use sign language! Regardless, if you are currently looking for an English course or want to do a B1 cefr test at a reputable English course it will be better if you visit http://britishlifeskills.com first.

The difference, local teachers are highly recommended for students who still feel less in learning English. Why? Of course, before becoming a teacher, a local teacher must pass the stage where he must also learn and understand the potential difficulties and solutions. In short, it has gone through the learning process. If he teaches, the local teacher will know the specific problems facing the learner and also examine the background of the students and how they influence learning because of cultural similarities. A certified and qualified local teacher is arguably one of the clearest proofs that learning advanced English is not impossible.