Things You Need To Know About Your Immune System

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Apart from that, there are many surprising things you may not know about your body’s natural defense system. Here are some things about the human immune you need to know!

1. Rarely wrong
People who do have chronic immune conditions such as primary immunodeficiency, their immune systems generally cannot fight germs with the maximum. Well, this causes them vulnerable to infection.

2. The gut works as a guardian of the body’s defense gate
The greatest part of the human immune system is in the gastrointestinal tract or gut. These sections also continuously distinguish good and bad bacteria to maintain body health in general.

3. Humans can live without spleen
The spleen is a large and important organ of the lymphatic system. Its function is to clean the blood of viruses, bacteria, and other foreign objects in the body. Located behind the stomach and below the diaphragm, the spleen has many functions, including filtering damaged red blood cells and storing white blood cells for antibody production. When the body fights infection, the spleen will grow temporarily. According to theory, humans can live without the spleen, because our immune system has many ways to protect the body from pathogens.