Easy Steps to Move Big Size Furniture!

Moving furniture especially for large furniture while you move home is not that easy and need careful planning. Thus, special techniques are needed to help you move the furniture and it takes two or more people to do so. However, if the furniture has too heavyweight, size is wide, and quite fragile, such as furniture from metal, glass, or wood, necessary equipment, and professional personnel to move your furniture. Well if you are currently planning to move home, to facilitate you in transporting your goods from the new home to the old home it will be better if you hire the services of We Like To Move It, Move It !! LLC. In addition to being a trusted carrier, We Like To Move It, Move It !! LLC also offers a fairly affordable price as well. Therefore, here are some techniques for moving certain furniture, including how to move furniture that is easily scratched!

Moving the refrigerator
To move the refrigerator, especially if you want to move the refrigerator upstairs or downstairs, remove the door from the refrigerator. Use the hand truck to move the refrigerator. Place the hand truck under the refrigerator, and make sure each end of the refrigerator is tightly attached to the hand truck. To be safe when moved up and down the stairs, this hand truck must be lifted by two people. After arriving at the desired position, remove the hand truck from the refrigerator, then re-attach the refrigerator doors in their respective positions.

Move the sofa or couch
Moving a sofa or couch that size is also no less difficult to move the refrigerator. First, remove the cushion or sofa pads one by one. Then, also release the legs or wheels on the end of the sofa if possible. The existence of the foot – the foot of this sofa would be quite disturbing when the sofa moved. Therefore, it is important to remove the legs of this sofa before moving it. If all is released, involve three or four people to pick it up. If the sofa must pass through the door, set the position of the sofa slightly tilted so that the wide sofa can pass the door well. But you need to do it carefully so that no side of the sofa is scratched.