Plastic Waste Threatens Marine Biota

If plastic waste in the sea is not prevented from production, it will threaten the existence of marine biota that the number is very much and varied. Not only that, plastic waste along with microplastic in the sea can also threaten coastal areas that are very vulnerable. With the ever-increasing threat, various efforts are being made by the Government to reduce and decrease the production of plastic waste in the sea. Efforts are made, through integrated handling, both from the policy level to the supervision of the implementation of the policy of handling plastic waste, especially marine plastic waste. Find articles related to this by visiting

The plan consists of four main pillars, namely behavior change, reduced plastic waste from the mainland, reduced plastic waste in coastal and marine areas, and law enforcement, funding mechanisms, research-development (technological innovation) and institutional strengthening. Absolute control measures are carried out through the monitoring and collection of plastic waste from the sea by using relevant technology to guarantee the results. Increasing environmental awareness through education while improving waste management facilities on small islands and coastal areas will also be a major part of this management effort.