What’s in South Tangerang?

The changes that take place in this city are very fast and fantastic, physically real. The development is aimed at pursuing the slump in an area that initially some of its districs is still called the village. As it is known that in the past Tangerang Selatan still in the territory of a capital city of Tangerang before the expansion. For example, East Pamulang once used to call the residence address is “Pamulang Timur Village”. Information on the significant development of South Tangerang you can see www.tangselone.com.

Now, since the division occurred, the population in South Tangerang exploded. It turns out that many people who choose to live in this city because it is so easy to open market opportunities. It seems that any business can run well, seen from the spreading shophouses, apartments, property, even no exception for middle entrepreneurs can easily open any business here. Throughout the City of South Tangerang, the main roads that have been widened begin to move until almost 80% materialized. The main road construction infrastructure is the responsibility of the province. Although this job had walked slowly and had stumbled, this mayor’s mother was never tired of urging that road construction be completed soon. “I do not want to continue to urge the Province to immediately complete the path that is the responsibility of the Province,” She said at an event.